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These webpages were created to share my photographs and personal recollections with fans and historians of House Music, the Paradise Garage and the genius DJ Larry Levan. I have worked as an Independent Professional Photographer for most of my life and my photographs survived because I have. At the time these photographs were created no one had interest in publishing them. I continued my work documenting Music and Culture and over time these photographs gained importance. Sharing them here over 20 years ago caused rampant thievery and unauthorized use.

Fortunately, much wonderful collaboration happened since then and my photographs are included in many projects with proper compensation. Recent projects I worked on include documentaries, Larry s Garage, 2019 and Love is in the Legend, 2020. In addition to films, my photographs appear in books, magazines and catalogs and are currently included in two Exhibitions; Night Fever, which opened at Vitra Design Museum in 2018, and Electro, which opened at Philharmonie de Paris in 2019, with both exhibitions touring other regions. I really appreciate the many lovely emails I receive acknowledging this work. I do not profit from the website itself and pay to host these pages.

If you previously reposted or published these photographs on any website, blog, tumblr, facebook, instagram, etc. without permission or photo credit, kindly remove them or add my photo credit. With respect for the Music and the Memories, please respect my work also.

By visiting this website, you have the right to view my photographs and my story. The United States and International Copyright Laws protect these Photographs.

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Enjoy the Photos and the Memories of the Music!


Tina Paul

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