Because the club was a haven for motley freaks of all stripes (from tiger stripes to
pinstripes), it remained one of the few venues to keep alive the original disco ethos
of open-mindedness and understanding (as opposed to the carrot-and-stick phony elitism
that so many trendy discos exploit to fleece the status-hungry suburban hoi polloi) All
manner of celebrities frequented Mother, and they were treated no better and no worse
than any other patron. Okay, perhaps not as well as the club's VIP-est VIP trannie-chasing
midget meatpacker who used to drop by the club on his lunch break but you get the idea.
Essentially, no matter who and how hip you were, Mother afforded you the opportunity
to meet folks the likes of which you never knew existed.

All Photographs by İTina Paul

Photo Montage and Logos by İArhlene Z. Ayalin

Words by İAdam Goldstone

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